Fastvue Syslog Release Notes
   All Release Notes Fastvue Syslog (2015-05-12)
  • Implemented archiving feature. Logs are now archived to another folder and compressed when they reach a user-specified age (default 30 days).
  • Statistics for archives are also now being collected, and basic UI added. 
  • Archived log metadata now stores the size of the logs both compressed and uncompressed.
  • Added UI for editing listening ports.
  • Added UI for configuring global settings.
  • Added port field to syslog source editor.
  • Added back button the source view page. 
  • Relaxed settings commit frequency to 5 minutes.
  • Diagnostic log level now defaults to Notice, can be adjusted through the LogLevel property in Settings.json.
  • Autoscrolling now only occurs on small displays.
  • Clicking back in the source viewer will now scroll back to the top of the page.
  • Settings and data commit routines now write to a separate file to avoid corruption and data loss during commit events.
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