TMG Reporter Release Notes
   All Release Notes TMG Reporter (2022-03-17)
  • Added Keywords Feature centralizing all safeguarding keywords in one place (Settings | Keywords). The keywords lists apply to both reports and alerts, are automatically updated, and now include ‘whole word matching’. Each keyword has its own list of excluded keywords to reduce false positives.
  • Renamed the ‘Suspicious Searches’ widget in Overview Reports to ‘Keyword matched searches’
  • Added ‘Keyword Matched Videos’ widget that matches YouTube video titles against the new Keyword lists.
  • Added Keyword highlighting to keyword matching widgets in Overview Reports.
  • Alerts can now include columns in the Alert Evidence table for:
    – Search Terms with Keyword Highlighting
    – Search Terms Keyword Group
    – Search Terms Matched Keyword
    – Media Title with Keyword Highlighting
    – Media Title Keyword Group
    – Media Title Keyword Highlighting
  • Fastvue’s default alerts now have a ‘Reset to factory defaults’ option. This lets you reset the Search Term alerts to the new defaults which reference the new Keyword groups instead of having all keywords entered directly in the Alert’s criteria.
  • Fixed issue where alert emails could be sent with an empty alert evidence table.
  • Modified the default/suggested data retention size policy for new installs to better account for the disk’s available space.
  • Critical disk space thresholds now default to to 2GB instead of 5%.
  • Fixed an issue that may prevent the data retention policy from running for up to one hour, before it starts working again.
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