TMG Reporter Release Notes
   All Release Notes Fastvue TMG Reporter Beta (2019-02-05)
  • Fixed issues when filtering on Productivity groups.
  • IP fields in Elasticsearch can now be filtered using StartsWith/EndsWith/Contains and their inverse variants.
  • Fixed issue filtering on blank values.
  • Series 'Other…' is now forced for charts where it makes sense to do so.
  • The installer now removes existing JRE before installing new JRE version, and when uninstalling the product.
  • Elasticsearch self-managed mode now supports custom instance location using the DatabaseElasticSelfManagedPath in Settings.xml which falls back to (datalocation)/Data.elastic if unset/blank.
  • Elasticsearch self-managed mode now prefers JRE in instance path first.
  • Updated Elasticsearch package to 5.6.14.
  • Updated JRE package to OpenJDK OpenJ9 1.8u192.
  • Elasticsearch interface now updates status to 'Warning' or 'Failure' if Elasticsearch unexpectedly switches to yellow or red status during normal operation instead of changing colour but continuing to display 'Operational'.
  • X-UA-Compatible header no longer causes an error about duplication.

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