Reporter for Cisco Firepower Release Notes
   All Release Notes Reporter for Cisco Firepower (2022-06-14)
  • This is the first public release introducing Fastvue Reporter’s new central Keywords feature. This feature centralizes all safeguarding keywords in one place (Self Harm, Extremism, Drugs, and Adult and Profanity), giving you greater control over keyword matches against searches and YouTube video titles in Reports and Alerts.

    Keywords are automatically cloud-updated with new words and phrases, and the introduction of whole word matching and comprehensive excluding functionality drastically reduces false positives.
  • Added an ‘Edit Keyword’ action to the Keyword Matched Searches and Keyword Matched Videos widgets in Overview Reports, making it easy to exclude words and phrases from the matching keyword to reduce future false positives.
  • Very long phrases now wrap to multiple lines in Reports.
  • Fixed issue where the keyword highlighting may be in the incorrect position.
  • The time threshold for ‘No syslog data received’ alerts is now configurable via the settings.xml file in Fastvue Reporter’s data location by adding this line (make sure the Fastvue Reporter service is not running when editing this file):

    <Item Name="SyslogInactivityThreshold" Type="System.TimeSpan, mscorlib" Value="600000000" />

    The “Value” needs to be represented in .NET ticks. Here is a handy online converter.
  • Windows installers now support installing in silent mode. Instructions for using this can be found at
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